We here at Matrix Fire and Security know that most people take fire safety seriously as the risk to life and buildings are things everyone wants to avoid. However, there are countless ways to improve your approach to fire safety that you might not know. Firstly we will go over some of the reasons why you should invest time into fire safety:


1 ) Minimising risk to life and property

Effective processes and safeguards help prevent fatalities. Fire damage can be reduced when precautions like fire alarms, smoke detectors, emergency lights, fire exits, and escape routes are taken.


2) Fire extinguishers

The extinguishers needed can change based on what kind of material is burning in a fire. To limit fire damage, it is essential to know when to make use of each extinguisher. 


3) Cost

A fire typically costs a company £21,000. You may significantly lower the likelihood of a fire at work by knowing how to put out flames before they start.


Here are a few ways you can improve the fire safety of your home and business:



1) Install detection and alarm systems

The building’s structure, present use, and the applicable fire safety regulations will all influence the fire alarm system you select.

Yet, the fundamental workings of all fire detection and alarm systems are the same. An alarm will ring to alert people within the property to the possibility of a fire and to escape if a detector detects smoke or heat or if someone activates a break glass unit. To notify the emergency services, you could alternatively choose to establish an alarm system with remote signalling apparatus.


2) Fire risk assessments

Your company’s facilities should undergo routine fire risk assessments to determine what needs to be done to avoid fires and ensure the safety of individuals. This ought to contain:


3) Emergency lighting

Unexpected blackouts can be hazardous for people, so emergency lighting ought to take its place if your primary power supply is interrupted.

All residents should be able to safely exit the building thanks to automatic emergency lighting that provides illumination at a sufficient level.


4) Fire extinguishers

Businesses must do an assessment to determine the quantity and kind of extinguishers required in their commercial space.


5) Inspect your fire doors

Fire doors slow the fire and smoke from spreading, which helps to save lives and lessen building damage. These are essential escape routes and ought to be maintained in excellent condition and obstruction-free at all times.

Regular inspections of your fire doors are recommended, and if they’re in need of replacement, they should be done right away.


6) Fire safety signs

Fire warning signs, signs for firefighting apparatus, and markings on pipes that hold hazardous materials are just a few examples of illuminated signs that convey health and safety information. During a fire assessment exercise, it is important to consider how to employ fire safety signage based on how your building is used.


7) Clearly mark escape routes

A sequence of fire escape routes and final evacuation signs should clearly show the path that has to be followed in the scenario of a fire, in addition to fire safety signs.

In order to be easily understood by everyone, these signs often only have a huge arrow and a small amount of text. These markings ought to be put in place at strategic intersections to show the best escape path.


8) Consider industrial fire sprinklers

Sprinklers are extremely effective fire safety equipment, and some insurance companies will require its installation in establishments they judge to be high risk.

The kind of business you operate and the level of risk your facility presents will strongly influence whether you decide to install sprinklers.


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