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Professional High SECURITY Paladin FENCING Installation

Security fencing or paladin fencing is one of the most popular weld mesh fence panels owing to its attractive appearance and high-security nature. Paladin fencing is normally specified for occasions where aesthetics are just as important as security.

Its high-security properties are due to the apertures being too small for the average person’s shoe size and therefore there are no useable footholds. Available in standard heights of 0.9-2.4m and various panel sizes, the Paladin fencing system is a versatile and usable anti-intruder barrier solution.

Paladin Fencing Specifications

  • Mesh Pattern ~ Varies to 50 x 50mm max, welded at each intersection
  • Horizontal Wires ~ 3mm dia at 50mm centres with additional 4mm dia in the ‘V’ beams
  • Vertical Wires ~ 3mm dia at 50mm and 12.5mm centres
  • Finish ~ Polyester coated with a galvanised substrate
  • Presentation ~ Panels are flush edged all round and have additional reinforcing wires at the top, bottom and beam profiles.
  • Post centres at approximately 2.975m

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