Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are one of the most popular ways to protect your residential or commercial property. In comparison to other more complicated perimeter security systems, they are inexpensive and simple to install. Each alarm system we provide is bespoke to your property and to your budget, ensuring we match your needs in every way possible.

Matrix Fire and Security offer a comprehensive range of security systems and services to meet your personal or commercial safety and security requirements, including intruder alarms. We will visit your location and advise on the best solution for your property and provide a free, no-obligation, quotation. Please get in contact using the link below or the contact details at the top of the page.

Please look at the information below, which help to show some of the features of our alarm systems:

Security Lighting

Security lighting is one of the most important parts of any security system, providing an effective deterrent against possible intruders and a safety feature for authorised visitors. Lighting can be installed to activate when motion is detected or when environmental conditions change, for example when light levels become low. They can also be set to activate as part of the security alarm system.

Door/ Window Contacts

Door and window contacts are an important part of any intruder alarm system. When the connection between the two parts of the device is broken, the alarm system is triggered. Door and window contacts detect unauthorised entry to the property before the secondary motion sensors are detected.

Control Panels

Control panels are the central control point for all intruder alarm systems. There are many types available, from simple keypads to multi-zonal interactive displays. They are used to adjust settings and parameters for your alarm system and are usually installed in a hidden but convenient location where you can activate your alarm system as you leave the property.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be used to monitor the internal rooms or the immediate area surrounding a property and will activate the alarm system when motion is detected. They can also be integrated with your perimeter security system, turning on security lights or CCTV systems when they detect movement, which saves energy and resources. They are a key part of any intruder alarm system.

Alarm ‘bell’ Boxes

Alarm bell and siren boxes form an important part of any intruder alarm system. Just by being installed and visible they act as a deterrent by signalling to intruders that an alarm system has been installed in the premises. They provide an audible indication that a property has been broken into, signalling to occupants or passers-by that there is a problem on the property. Our boxes are compact in size yet powerful and highly visible once activated.

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