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At Matrix, we pride ourselves on being the premier choice for CCTV System solutions, providing unparalleled expertise in the Design, Installation, Monitoring, and Maintenance & Repair of CCTV Systems. With both NSI and Smas Worksafe SSIP accreditations, we ensure the highest standards of security and safety for you and your property, whether it’s a residential home or a commercial establishment.

Implementing a CCTV System, for Home Security or Commercial Security environments, involves several crucial steps to ensure optimal security for your property. Matrix are accredited by the NSI for “The Design, Installation and Maintenance of CCTV Surveillance Systems“. Additionally, all our engineers are Enhanced DBS Checked, giving you the confidence that any CCTV System we install will adhere rigorous British Standards and installed to the exacting specifications we hold of ourselves.

CCTV System Design

Designing an effective CCTV System begins with a comprehensive needs assessment. This involves conducting a thorough site survey to identify vulnerable areas and determine the necessary scope of coverage. By discussing your specific security concerns, objectives, and particular requirements, Matrix ensures that the design addresses all potential risks and meets your unique needs. This collaborative approach helps in crafting a tailored security solution that maximises protection and efficiency.

The next step is meticulous system planning. This includes selecting appropriate camera types—such as dome, bullet, or PTZ—based on the environment and coverage needs. Determining optimal camera placement is crucial for achieving maximum coverage and minimising blind spots. Additionally, the network infrastructure must be carefully planned, encompassing cabling, power supply, and data storage solutions. Technical specifications are then defined, including the required resolution for clear image capture, storage requirements based on camera count and retention period, and ensuring compatibility with existing security systems and IT infrastructure. This thorough planning process guarantees a robust, reliable, and efficient CCTV system.

CCTV System Installation

Our comprehensive CCTV system installation process ensures that your security setup is robust and reliable from start to finish. Beginning with pre-installation preparation, which involves procuring all necessary equipment, such as cameras, DVR/NVR units, monitors, and cabling. Our team meticulously prepares the site by installing mounts & brackets and ensuring seamless access to power sources and network connections. During installation, we mount cameras in predetermined locations, securely and stably, and run cabling from cameras to recording devices for hardwired systems, ensuring neat and concealed wiring.

Once the equipment is installed, we move to system configuration, setting up recording devices, configuring network settings, and connecting everything to power supplies. We conduct thorough system testing, including functionality checks for each camera to ensure proper operation and coverage. Our experts adjust camera angles, focus, and settings to achieve optimal performance and verify that the video is being recorded and stored correctly. This meticulous process guarantees that your CCTV system operates at peak efficiency, providing you with reliable and effective security monitoring.

CCTV System Monitoring

Our CCTV system monitoring service ensures comprehensive and continuous security coverage. We start by setting up a dedicated control centre equipped with monitors and all necessary equipment, enabling efficient real-time surveillance. Additionally, we configure remote access capabilities, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere using smartphones, tablets, or computers. This setup ensures you stay always connected and informed about your property’s security status.

Our live monitoring solutions provide 24/7 surveillance, enabling us to detect and respond to incidents in real time. We enhance security with automated alert systems that notify you of suspicious activities such as motion detection and unauthorized access. To support this, we implement robust data management practices, including ample video storage capacity with backup systems, and establish clear protocols for accessing and retrieving recorded footage. This comprehensive approach ensures your CCTV system remains reliable and effective, providing peace of mind through continuous protection.

CCTV System Maintenance

Matrix offers a Maintenance packages for all our Installations. This can include Regular Inspections & Routine Checks to ensure that all your CCTV Surveillance Cameras and associated CCTV Equipment are operating and functioning as they should. Additionally, if CCTV Cameras are mounted at high, or inaccessible points we can perform a clean of Camera Lenses and carryout any adjustments position as necessary to maintain clear visibility.

Preventative Maintenance:

Software Updates: Keep all software and firmware up to date to ensure system security and performance.

Hardware Servicing: Replace or repair any faulty equipment promptly to prevent system downtime.

Support and Troubleshooting:

Technical Support: Provide ongoing technical support to address any issues that arise.

System Upgrades: Offer periodic system upgrades to incorporate the latest technology and enhance security features.

Documentation and Reporting:

Maintenance Logs: Maintain detailed records of all maintenance activities and any issues encountered.

Performance Reports: Generate regular performance reports to assess system effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.


Here at Matrix Fire & Security, we provide CCTV Security Systems to a wide range of Homes and Businesses. In combination with our Intruder Alarms, Security Fencing, and Perimeter Security Systems, we are able to provide a complete security solution to suit any budget. We have a team of experienced engineers, based around London and the Home Counties who will provide free, no-obligation advice to ensure that the CCTV System we Install and Maintain matches your requirements exactly.

If you’re based in the Southeast (London, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and Sussex) please get in touch with our friendly expert team today, call us on 01296 614440, alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form, and we’ll be in touch.


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