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Matrix Fire & Security provide a full range of fire detection, fire protection and firefighting products for homes and businesses across London and the home counties.

Why Opt for Matrix Fire & Security?

We offer a complete fire safety service to help you to plan your fire protection strategy, including emergency route planning and evacuation procedures. We can advise you on the latest legislation, making sure your property meets the standards set by current and future guidelines. This attention-to-detail approach ensures that, if the worse should happen, your company and staff are protected both legally and physically.

Choosing Matrix Fire & Security means partnering with a guardian committed to your safety. Esteemed by clients in London and beyond, we are recognised for our reliability and excellence in safeguarding properties. Enjoy the serenity that comes from being protected by industry leaders.

Custom Solutions: Security and fire safety solutions meticulously designed to address your individual requirements.

Expert Installation and Maintenance: Our seasoned team guarantees that your systems are installed impeccably and maintained for peak efficiency.

Leading-Edge Technology: Harnessing the newest advancements in technology for ultimate protection.

Insightful Local Expertise: As specialists in London’s security landscape, we possess an intimate understanding of the local challenges and requirements.

Dedicated Support: Our dedication to your security doesn’t stop at installation; we offer continuous support and maintenance to assure your ongoing peace of mind.


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Effective Fire Protection

We have a complete range of fire extinguishers suitable for all types of fire, including paper, wood, oil, electrical and chemical fires. We can supply them as single stand-alone units or as part of a fire safety system. We also offer testing and maintenance facilities to ensure that your firefighting products are kept in a safe, working condition.

Matrix Fire and Security also offer the very latest technology in fire alarm systems. We can provide a multi-zone addressable system, fully customised to suit your property and your individual needs. These systems can help pinpoint the exact location of the fire, which means the emergency services can tackle the incident at the source and prevent any further spread of fire throughout your property. This minimises the damage to your property and protects any individuals who may still be at risk.

Passive Fire Protection

Matrix Fire and Security is able to deliver highly-effective passive fire protection services and products to homes and businesses across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, or Hertfordshire. Passive fire protection is implemented by adding to the structure of a building with the aim of safeguarding people and limiting damage.

Passive fire protection works to limit the spread of the fire, containing any damage to one area so health and financial risks are lowered. It also aims to protect escape routes that are pivotal for people to evacuate the building safely and maintain the building’s structure in the event of a fire.

Trustworthy Professional Team

When it comes to fire protection, you do not want to take any chances with who you choose to purchase safety products and systems from. Matrix Fire and Security has a team of highly-skilled, experienced team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing homes and businesses across the home counties. Over the years, Matrix has successfully implemented fire protection systems for many customers, all of whom have become safer as a result.

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