Barnet is a suburban London borough located in North London. It is London’s second-largest borough and uniquely boasts a high tree population with 32,000 trees of all varieties, shapes and sizes lining the streets.

Barnet is a popular area to live with young families; it features an abundance of green space and excellent schools.

How safe is it to live in Barnet?

Overall, this London borough is safe as violent crime and vandalism are lower here than the UK average, however, burglary and theft are slightly higher in this area.

Compared to other London Boroughs, Barnet is the 9th lowest for all recorded crimes. You can take a look at two monthly crime rate comparison stats below.

For reassurance, in 2019, the recorded crime rate was 76.27 per 1,000 residents, which is lower than the Metropolitan Police average of 98.65 per 1,000 residents.


The crime rate in Barnet

The crime in Barnet is relatively safe, but let’s take a more in-depth look into the different crimes that occur in this London borough.


April 2021 VS. April 2020
ASB – 1,030

Burglary – 202

Robbery – 49

Vehicle – 373

Violent – 677

Shoplifting – 113

CD&A – 137

Other theft – 220

Drugs – 90

Bike theft – 29

Theft from the person – 49

Weapons – 6

Public order – 182

Other – 53

Total – 3,210

ASB – 2,320

Burglary – 129

Robbery – 45

Vehicle – 213

Violent – 555

Shoplifting – 82

CD&A – 133

Other theft – 167

Drugs – 88

Bike theft – 15

Theft from the person – 14

Weapons – 14

Public order – 119

Other – 32

Total – 3,926

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How can you ensure safety and security while living in Barnet?

Whilst Barnet is a safe area in which to live, we can never be too careful. If you’d like to better secure your Barnet home, there are a number of different approaches and security systems that you can implement. From installing CCTV systems to intruder alarms and automatic gates.


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