A picture of a security guard holding a phone

How to Become a Security Guard

Looking for a career in the security industry? Could a security guard be the next route for you? Below, we’ve shared tips on how to become a security guard, including what skills and experience you’ll need.

Required Skills

When looking at how to become a security guard, we recommend starting by checking if you have the following skills:

  • • You should be able to write short reports, and also be able to follow written instructions with ease.
  • • You should be a confident person; in particular, you should be confident enough to be able to challenge people.
  • • You should be able to use your initiative well; becoming a security guard often requires you to make fast decisions.
  • • You should have some ability to work with certain technical security equipment. For example, CCTV systems.

Qualifications and Experience Required

There are different qualifications and experience that can help you land a career as a security guard. Below, we’ve listed the most common routes to get into the industry:

  • • You should generally have a good past education from school if you’re looking for a job in the security industry. Apprenticeships are also a good way to use education to get into the job role.
  • • Although not necessary, previous experience in the police or the armed forces may benefit you when looking into this industry.
  • • When applying for a job as a security guard, companies will often check over your personal and work history up to 10 years; if you have any criminal convictions, it’s worth making them aware before they do these checks.
  • • SIA (Security Industry Authority) is often necessary if you’re choosing to work for an agency or a contractor. To get this, you need to be aged 18 or over, pass identity and criminal record checks and complete any approved SIA training that’s needed.


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