Fence Tops & Spikes

Matrix Fire and Security can provide various types of fence tops and spikes designed to protect against possible intruders. Available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and mounting styles, we are sure that we will have a product to suit your needs.

We provide these security fencing features as a stand-alone product sold by the metre, or as a full installation service to suit your budget and requirements. Please get in contact for more details and please refer to the important notes at the bottom of this page regarding the installation and use of these security products.

Important Notes regarding Fence Tops and Spikes:

We are advised that the proper use of these products does not amount to a criminal offence. As far a civil liability is concerned, customers are entitled to take all reasonable steps to protect their property provided they do not set out to use a hidden trap for the purpose of causing harm.

We advise customers to adopt the following procedures when using these and any perimeter security products.

  • Ensure that all security products are located in a prominent position so that it can be seen by any person approaching – e.g. on top of an existing fence, wall or roof, or inside an outer fence.
  • Display a warning sign (Warning signs are available on request).
  • Ensure that warning signs are visible at night.

Matrix Fire and Security and its affiliates shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused by the use of these or any other perimeter security products

We supply fence tops and spikes to customers throughout Oxford, Aylesbury and London Boroughs including Camden, Barnet, Enfield and Dagenham.

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