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At Matrix Fire and Security we install, monitor and maintain all types of access control systems for both domestic and commercial uses in Aylesbury, OxfordMilton Keynes, St Albans, Beaconsfield and many more. We supply access control systems, from stand-alone coded keypads and fob reader units to fully integrated multi-network systems, controlling numerous doors with swipe cards and biometric readers, we will be able to provide an access control system tailored to suit your requirements, whether for your home or business.

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Serving homes and businesses in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & Hertfordshire

Domestic Access Control

Access control systems are becoming increasingly popular for modern domestic properties. They are incredibly versatile and can be tailored for the individual needs of many types of domestic property. Access control reduces everyday risks, as well as deterring potential crime and gives peace of mind to the residence. Whether you want to restrict access to unwanted visitors to your home, or you’re a landlord that wants to enhance the security of your tenants, access control systems can ensure against common problems arising from the use of traditional keys. Losing keys is a frequent issue, access control systems can be quickly and easily installed, which reduces the risk of break-ins as well as the cost of replacing lost keys. Unlike traditional keys which can be cut to make duplicates, access control key cards can’t be duplicated, reducing the likelihood of unauthorised entry.

Commercial Access Control – Door Control

Access control systems, such as door control, are common in commercial buildings and businesses because they allow safety for staff from strangers. Access control restricts entry to certain areas of a business, including rooms that hold money or sensitive data, or just stop anyone who isn’t an employee entering the building. Access cards can also be programmed to certain times or days, ensuring nobody has access to the building after work hours or on weekends. The most common commercial access control systems include swipe cards, which helps control entry to staff with different levels of security. This means low-level employees can’t access higher security areas. Access control key cards can also be permanently deactivated, so old employees lose access when they leave.

3 Types of Access Control

  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

This type of access control is very much at the discretion of the business owner. They are responsible for deciding who is allowed at which location or in specific areas, both physically and digitally. Typically, the is the least restrictive.

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

This access control allows organisations to place more emphasis on confidentiality and classification of data. Access is typically provided by classification and labels. Entry or access is permitted through security.

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

The most sought after access control in RBAC. Access is assigned by a system administrator and access is granted based on the role of the individual within an organisation. Privileges and limitations are based purely on their job responsibilities.


What are the benefits of Access Control?

  • You know who is coming and going from your business at all times
  • Keeping track of employees
  • Ability to better secure sensitive documents and data
  • Help reduce theft and accidents
  • Multi-property protection
  • Don’t need to worry about keys (and losing them!)


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Matrix Fire & Security can also offer the latest developments in biometric technology for high-security applications. We can also offer installations that integrate with existing systems to provide added functionality, as well as make repairs or fix faults in older access control systems. Our aim is to provide you with a complete solution to all of your access control and security needs, regardless of property type or size.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated engineers able to offer advice and suggestions to create an access control system to suit your budget and requirements. Contact us for more information by calling our team on 01296 614 440, or by submitting an online enquiry form. We’d be happy to assist you with access control for your residential or commercial property in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordfordshire, or Hertfordshire

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