Health and safety in the workplace involves keeping employees safe against accidents, fires and security threats such as intruders & criminal activity. Below, we’ve discussed 4 workplace regulations you should set in place to ensure you correctly prevent security threats and fire hazards.

Security Systems

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One of the best ways to avoid security threats is to have professional security systems in place. There’s lots of different systems to choose from to suit the needs of your workplace. One of the most common security systems is CCTV which can be installed both inside and outside of your building for security. Access control systems are also great at preventing intruders from gaining access to your workplace; fingerprint access and intruder alarms are common access control systems for business.


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Dust is something that often doesn’t get taken into account when thinking about health and safety in the workplace. Build up of dust can cause faults in electrical equipment and can also be the cause of fires at work. To prevent a fire hazard, ensure that your workplace has efficient ventilation.

Don’t Overload Plugs

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Overloading plugs is a very common fire hazard in the workplace. Where possible, make avoiding use of extension leads a part of your workplace regulations; if it is absolutely necessary to use them, ensure you follow the guidelines and don’t over load them and never plug an extension lead into another one. Try and lay out your office so that electrical equipment is placed near to the plugs to avoid needing extension leads.

Fix Electrical Faults

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Part of your workplace regulations should be to fix any electrical faults as soon as possible. Faults in electrical equipment can create huge fire hazards and therefore you should not continue to use equipment if a fault occurs. In addition to this, if cables are faulty or damaged, ensure they get fixed or replaced before continuing to use the equipment.

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