Fire safety is important both at home and in the workplace. There’s lots of very simple regulations you can follow to ensure you prevent a fire hazard from occurring. Below, we’ve discussed our top fire safety tips which can be applied to the home and the workplace.

Fire Alarms

A picture of a fire alarm

The first of our fire safety tips is one of the most important. You should ensure that you have fire alarms installed in your property; there should be at least one fire alarm installed on every level for greater fire safety. It’s all well and good having fire alarms installed, but you also need to make sure they continue to work which is why fire alarms should be tested regularly. We recommend getting your fire alarms tested at least once a month.

Switch Off

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Always ensure that you switch appliances off when not in use, in particular your cooker and heating. When you’ve finished cooking, make sure you remember to turn the oven or hob off; forgetting to turn them off is becoming an increasingly big reason for household fires. Similarly, if your central heating does not need to be on, turn it off!

Be Careful of Flames

A picture of a candle burning

We know that candles and open fires can give your home a cosy feel during the autumn and winter months but they do have fire risks which is why you should ensure you follow our fire safety tips. If you light candles, make sure they’re in heat-resistant holders and don’t put them near any soft furnishings such as blankets, curtains or sofas. In addition to this, never leave an open fire or candle burning if you’re not around to keep an eye on it.

Get the Right Extinguisher

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In the case that a fire does occur, you should ensure you’ve got the right fire extinguishers in your property. There are various fire extinguishers which are designed for each type of fire. Read our blog “What Type of Fire Extinguisher Is Best for Your Property?” to find out what type of fire each extinguisher is designed for and see what type of fire extinguisher you require.

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