Feeling safe in your property is one of the most important aspects and it’s made us think about how you can make your residential property more secure. Below, we’ve discussed our top 3 residential security systems.

Intruder Alarms

A picture of an alarm control panel

Intruder alarms are a fantastic residential security system as just by having them installed they act as a deterrent to crime. There can be different aspects to intruder alarms depending on the system you think is best for your property. Having an alarm ‘bell’ box is great as they are visible and therefore puts off burglars from wanting to break in. They also give off a very loud sound when activated, giving an audible sign that suspicious activity is happening in the property. Motion sensors can be used to detect movement in the property and activate the alarm; they can also turn on security lights. Intruder alarms can be turned on and off through a control panel to make it easy to control when leaving your property and returning.

CCTV Systems

A picture of CCTV cameras

Installing CCTV can be a very cost-effective residential security system, especially when installed on the outside of your property. CCTV is very visible and therefore is likely to deter burglars. For ultimate security, it’s best to have cameras installed both inside and outside of your property. CCTV can be as simple as installing a digital recorder and a couple of cameras, yet will provide you with a lot of safety.

Electric Automatic Gates

A picture of electric automatic gates

To prevent people from being able to access your property, install electric automatic gates outside. Electric gates can only be opened by whoever has the access to control them and therefore prevents intruders from being able to get past and into your property. Electric automatic gates can come in various sizes and styles; so, you’ll definitely be able to find them to suit your property.

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