Alongside the security systems that can be installed into your home, it is important to rigorous with your own actions. A few simple changes to your routine and lifestyle could be the difference between a break in or a secure home. Matrix Fire and Security have years of experience and can help you to make any changes you require.



Don’t Leave Hidden Keys

It’s important to remember that most burglars are experienced. Hiding a key to your home under a plant pot or mat will make breaking into your home even easier, and it really shouldn’t be necessary. If someone regularly needs access to your home, consider giving them their own key that they can keep hold of.

Don’t Store Valuables in Predictable Places

Aside from the obvious rule of keeping them out of site of the windows, avoid storing valuables in the predictable places around your home such as under the mattress or in the underwear drawer. These will be the first places that a burglar will look. Valuables should be stored in a secure safe or safety deposit box.

Don’t Invite Strangers into Your Home

Burglars will often use clever methods to gain entry to your home such as asking to use the phone, carrying out a survey or impersonating a council worker. Before letting them into your home, find a number for the company they work for online and call to confirm their details. For someone wanting to use the phone, offer to make the phone call for them while they wait outside or direct them to a local pay phone.

Don’t Advertise Pets

Many people believe that a ‘beware of the dog’ sign will act as a deterrent to criminals and improve home security, but in fact what it does is highlight the lack of an alarm system fitted in the property. While dogs can be a pain to burglars, an alarm is much more difficult to get past successfully.



Do Change Locks on a New Home

Moving into a new home can be an expensive situation and often people will save money where they can, but a change of locks is a small price to pay in comparison to a full on break in. You will barely know the previous tenants of the property, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and replace your locks.

Do Install a Peephole

Opening the door to anyone who comes knocking is dangerous act. By having a peephole to identify visitors, you can avoid giving access to the wrong people.

Do Install a Letterbox Cage

A popular approach to gaining entry for burglars is to ‘fish’ for keys through a letterbox. For experienced criminals, all it takes is a piece of wire and an opportunity. By installing a cage, you eliminate the option of letterbox fishing.

Do Lock Tools and Ladders Away

By leaving tools and ladders around your property, you are arming criminals with items they could use to gain access. Improve your home security by ensure these items are safely locked away and out of sight.

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