Security Solutions in Thame, Oxfordshire

Here at Matrix Fire and Security, we are committed to providing homes and businesses across Thame with the very best in security solutions. Whether for commercial or domestic purposes, Matrix Fire and Security will deliver a top-quality service.

Home Security in Thame

The security systems that we have to offer are just as much about preventing crime as they are about helping to catch criminals. Alarms, cameras and gates are among just some of the things that are known to be effective deterrents for potential burglars or vandals.

Some of the security systems we can install include:

Security GatesWooden, Automatic, Metal and Aluminium,
CCTV Systems,
Access Control,
Security Fencing

Security Systems in Thame

Over the last decade, Matrix Fire and Security has made it a mission to deliver high-quality security systems for Thame businesses and homes. These systems include CCTV set-ups, emergency lighting and intruder alarms.

There are many ways in which you can protect your property, and Matrix is here to assist you to choose, supply and fit the security systems that are most suitable for you. From start to finish, our team of experienced security professionals will be at your side to help. This help will continue throughout the supply and fitting process, and someone will be available to answer any questions you may have after the job has been completed.

CCTV Systems

More and more homes and businesses in Thame are seeing the benefits of equipping properties with their own CCTV camera system. Not only are CCTV systems simple and relatively cheap to install, but they are also incredibly effective in preventing crime. Having the cameras positioned in a way that is visible to the public acts as a great deterrent, putting off any potential criminals. 

In the unfortunate case that criminals still attempt to vandalise or burgle your property, the high-quality image that all of our cameras produce are bound to be very helpful in any ensuing investigation.

Access Control Available in Thame

Whether it is discretionary, mandatory or role-based access control, Matrix Fire and Security has it all covered. We are able to offer your home or business in Thame the very latest in access control technology, perfect for keeping your property secure. 

The access control systems we offer include stand-alone keypads, fob reader units, fully integrated multi-network systems, swipe cards and biometric readers. If you are looking for ways in which you can keep certain parts of your property secure or keep data confidential data classified, then access control technology is perfect for you.

Thame Security Fencing

Security fencing is the perfect way in which you can protect the entire perimeter of your home or business. Acting as an impressive physical deterrent, the security fencing that we provide is adaptable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. 

We are able to supply and install a wide variety of fencing options so you can choose which one will suit your Thame property the best. We are also happy to be on hand for any future maintenance you require.

Security Gates 

Matrix Fire and Security offers a broad selection of security gates, providing different looks, materials and automation. You can choose between metal gates, electric gates, aluminium gates and wooden gates.

All of our gates are expertly constructed by our team of highly trained professionals who will work alongside you to make sure that the gate we provide is exactly what you are looking for. Security gates are a great way of protecting your property from potential intruders.

Passive Fire Protection in Thame

Usually, while thinking about fire safety, one might picture fire extinguishers and sprinklers, however these active fire protection methods complement the more covert passive ones to safeguard people and structures. By really stopping the spread of a fire and compartmentalising buildings, lives can be saved and emergency services can have more time to respond. This is why passive fire protection methods are incredibly important to implement in your Thame properties.

We here at Matrix Fire and Security have the highest quality service and good to offer to ensure all of your passive fire protection needs are met whether you are based in Thame or any of the other areas we cover.

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