Security solutions in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Over the years, Matrix Fire and Security have supplied top-quality security services to homes and business all across St Albans. We understand that security is a top priority for property owners, which is why we are dedicated to making sure you feel as secure as possible. 

Home Security in St Albans

Our team of dedicated professionals can provide you with a wide array of security solutions. We will work alongside you to make sure that you are able to acquire the security solutions that are appropriate for your property. 

Some of the security systems we can install include:

Security GatesWooden, Automatic, Metal and Aluminium,
CCTV Systems,
Access Control,
Security Fencing

Security Systems in St Albans

For business and homeowners in St Albans, choosing the right security system for you can be a pivotal step in ensuring that your property is well protected. This is why our team will work alongside you, so you can know that you have selected the security system that is right for you and your property.

Depending on which security system you choose, they can have different effects and work in alternative ways. Some can be used to spot, record and help catch trespassers and criminals, while others serve as a physical or visual deterrent. Both of which can be very effective in protecting your St Albans home or business.

CCTV Systems

Setting up a selection of CCTV cameras around your property can be a hugely effective way of protecting your property. One thing that CCTV cameras have an advantage over other forms of security is that they work both as a visual deterrent and can help catch perpetrators at the same time. 

Having a set of CCTV cameras positioned around your property will make potential criminals think again when approaching your St Albans home or business. If someone does decide to still enter our property without your permission, the high-quality images that the CCTV cameras record can be very helpful in later catching the criminals. 

Access Control Available in St Albans

Access control is a security solution that is increasing in popularity around St Albans, as they are very effective in adding protection to your property and belongings. At Matrix Fire and Security, we are able to provide our customers with discretionary, mandatory and role-based access control.

We are able to deliver, install and maintain a whole host of access control security solutions including stand-alone keypads, fob reader units, fully integrated multi-network systems, swipe cards and biometric readers. 

St Albans Security Fencing

Matrix Fire and Security boasts the ability to provide customers with sturdy, durable and stylish security fencing. Across St Albans, there are plenty of homes and businesses that have benefited from the top-quality security fences that we provide. 

As with all of our security solutions, we will communicate with our customers to make sure that the material, design and style are all tailored towards them. Our service includes the supply, fitting and installation of the security fencing. We will also be available afterwards to help with any maintenance requirements.

Security Gates

If you are located around and are in need of a security gate for your property, look no further than Matrix Fire and Security. We provide our customers with a choice of metal, wooden, aluminium and electric automatic security gates, all of which are highly effective in preventing trespassing.

All of our security gates are professionally fitted, ensuring maximum safety for you, your family and your belongings. If you want your property to be more secure, then security gates are a great way to achieve this.

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