You are far less likely to fall victim to a home invasion or burglary with professionally installed security systems in place. Protect the assets in your Milton Keynes home and provide a safe environment for your family with help from Matrix Fire & Security.


By simply installing CCTV camera in visible areas of your home, you will deter potential intruders. Most burglars are experienced and know what to look for in a property. With CCTV in place, your home will be more of a risk to criminals and much less of an easy target in the Milton Keynes area.

Electric Gates

From single leaf pedestrian installations to large scale cantilever set ups, electric gates are suitable for most homes and provide an extra perimeter to gain access, making it harder for intruders to reach your home. By having electric gates installed you are telling potential criminals that you take home security seriously, which would force them to pause and weigh up the risks. Electric gates also provide you as a homeowner with peace of mind, knowing that you have eliminated the ease of access that is so common with open driveways.

Intruder Alarms

As the most popular security systems in Milton Keynes, intruder alarms are inexpensive and easy to install. With Matrix Fire & Security, your intruder alarm systems would be bespoke, fitting your property requirements and budget. With a visible alarm in place, intruders will rethink targeting your home, as an alarm is notoriously difficult to get past before it is triggered.


Security lighting works as a great deterrent, as most criminals are nocturnal, choosing to work in the cover of darkness. Lighting can be triggered in a number of ways, including motion sensors and environmental changes such as low light levels. Lighting can also be linked to your alarm security system.

Security Systems in Milton Keynes

By undergoing a security installation, you can have peace of mind and rest assured knowing that your home is protected by state of the art, professional security systems. If you would like to arrange a free quotation, or wish to discuss our services, please call the Matrix Fire & Security team on 01296 614440. Alternatively, head to our contact form!

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