Your employees’ safety should always be a priority in your business. Although you can put health and safety regulations in place for their safety, that does not protect them or your business from intruders. Intruders can affect the security of both your employees and your business; to prevent the risk of intruders, we recommend getting a professional security system installed. Below we’ve outlined the most common security systems people choose for their business.

CCTV Systems

A picture of two CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are a great way to deter crime and intruders, as they are a visible security system. You can keep an eye of what is going on in and around your company building by viewing the cameras from your reception area or an alternative room of your choice. There’s a variety of different CCTV systems available to suit your requirements and budget. Full protection CCTV systems can start from as little as £1.70 per day.

Access Control

A picture of a finger print from an access control system

Access Control systems are great to have in place to prevent intruders. There are many different types of access control you can have installed in your business, such as mobile access, fingerprint access, alarm systems, coded keypads and more. At Matrix Fire & Security, we can tailor systems to meet your business’ professional security needs.

Professional Security Fencing

A picture of chain link security fencing

If your business already has a security system like those discussed above, security fencing is fantastic as an added extra to ensure your building is as secure as possible. It helps to stop intruders that try and climb over fencing to gain access to your building. Whether it’s the aesthetics or the effectiveness of the security that you find most important, there’s a wide range of fencing that will suit you. Read more about the advantages of security fencing for your business over on our blog page.

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