It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but we’re also at the height of crime season. Many offices will soon be locking up and their employees will be driving home for Christmas, and we want to make sure everyone’s office is safe and secure during the break. Below, we’ve shared our top office security tips for the Christmas break.

Store Securely

A picture of a filing cabinet

Our first office security tip is to ensure that any important or confidential documents are stored securely. If you don’t already have locked filing cabinets, now could be a great time to invest in some. Lock any important files in the filing cabinet and ensure someone responsible takes the keys to the cabinet home; we’d recommend the director of the company. If any valuables or cash is being left in the office over the break, lock them in a fireproof safe.

No Longer Need It? Shred It

A picture of shredded paper

If you have any documents that you no longer need, but may have confidential data on them, shred them before the Christmas break. This will prevent any potential intruders from accessing information that should be kept private in the company.

Lock Up

A picture of a laptop locked to a desk

Our next tip for office security is to lock up. Locking up now goes beyond locking all of the office windows and doors; that’s just a given all year round. We also suggest locking your laptops and computer screens; it’s now possible to have these locked down to the desks, which is great for security over the Christmas break.

Back Up

A picture of external hard drive

This tip is a cyber security one. We recommend backing up all of your important files onto an external hard drive. Alternatively, store your files on a cloud storage; this will help if you have employees who are going to be working remotely over the break.

Security Systems

A picture of a CCTV system

Our final office security tip for the Christmas break is to get a security system installed in your office. Alarm systems are great for audible alerts of intruders, meaning the incident can be dealt with quicker. CCTV cameras will record any intruders, which would be great for police dealing with an incident.

For more office security tips, or to get a security system installed, call us on 01296 614440 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch. The team at Matrix Fire & Security Ltd wish you a Merry Christmas and a secure New Year.

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