Matrix Fire & Security in Milton Keynes

Officially designated as a new town in the late 1960s, Milton Keynes and the surrounding area have grown dynamically in size and stature. Having a population of 50,000 back then, the same area now has a population of roughly around 255,000. Unfortunately, along with such a large growth over a short period of time, it has brought an increase to the crime statistics for the area. That is where Matrix Fire and Security are on hand to assist and to help you protect your personal or commercial property. We have a great deal of experience and a long history working with clients in the surrounding area.

Anti-social behaviour, robbery and shoplifting have all increased in recent times according to the *statistics below. Investing in a solid CCTV system can really help in deterring the criminals, especially if you are a shop or business owner worried about the increased rates of shoplifting and theft. CCTV and Intruder Alarms are also becoming more common for homeowners, and this can also be extremely effective. Whatever your needs or personal requirements, we can offer you a detailed and well planned out solution from beginning to end.

Milton Keynes crime rate chart

Based in Aylesbury, we are only a short journey from Milton Keynes. We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your safety and security requirements. A few of the important services we offer in the Milton Keynes area are;

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of security advisers to discuss any of your requirements or security questions. If you are based in or around the Milton Keynes area we can offer you free no-obligation quotes. You can contact us on 01296 614440, or alternatively through our contact form here.