Security solutions in Great Missenden

Keeping yourself safe and secure is important in the historic Great Missenden area. Here at Matrix Fire & Security Ltd, we can provide you with a varied range of security systems. For domestic spaces, these systems include: CCTV, automatic electric gates, intruder alarms and fire protection systems. For commercial clients, we are able to provide bollards, access control gates and various other methods of ensuring that your business is protected.

Crime in Great Missenden

As with any location rife with tourism, crime is a looming threat within Great Missenden. In 2021, the overall crime rate was 36 crimes per 1000 people. Theft is among the types of crime that is seeing a rise within Great Missenden as well as nationwide. In this unprecedented time, it is now more important than ever to protect yourself. Matrix Fire & Security Ltd, have an illustrious history of protecting individuals and businesses throughout the midlands, when you choose us to protect your property, you can rest assured that you are protected by an experienced team.

CCTV installation and maintenance in Great Missenden.

CCTV systems provide you with an extra layer of visual protection and crime deterrence. Our team not only installs CCTV, we are also on hand to provide maintenance to ensure that your cutting edge, high quality security cameras are kept in well-working order. Our local team will arrange a free, tailored consultation at your premises to take the time to learn what your needs and requirements are.

Access control, automatic gates and security fencing in Great Missenden.

There is nothing more reassuring than fencing and gates. Wrapping your property in 24/7 security, our range of security gates suitable for both domestic and commercial use. With automatic gates, you are in control at all times who is able to access your property.

Fire protection and extinguishing in Great Missenden.

Preventing the worst from happening when it comes to the risk of fire is paramount to your safety and peace of mind. Matrix Fire & security offers a complete fire safety package to enable you to plan the most effective fire protection method. Our fire alarm systems include the very latest developments in protective measures. The multi-zone addressable system for example, is fully customised to your property, allowing you to pinpoint the location of the fire, saving precious time for emergency services to allow them to defend the rest of your property. Our complete range of fire extinguishers, suitable for all types of fire such as electrical and chemical, provide a second layer of defence against fire. Matrix Fire & Security also provide you with passive fire protection measures, these can include additions to the structure to ensure that the spread of fire is limited where possible.

Your Security, Our Priority

We understand the importance of reliable and affordable security. Whether you’re a managing agent, a domestic customer, or a commercial client, we tailor our packages to offer both value and reliability to meet your security needs.

A comprehensive Fire & Security provider in Great Missenden.

We at Matrix Fire & Security pride ourselves on years of extensive, quality protection systems. If you are located in Great Missenden or the surrounding areas and would like to learn more about the services we provide, please contact us by filling out our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch at a time convenient to you.

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