Security solutions in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Matrix Fire and Security are committed to providing homes and businesses across Berkhamsted and the surrounding areas with top-quality security solutions. Our team of dedicated professionals are able to supply and fit security systems on domestic and commercial properties.

Home Security in Berkhamsted

At Matrix Fire and Security, we understand that Berkhamsted home and business owners will always want their property to remain safe and secure at all times. This is why our team of trained professionals are always on hand to provide top-quality security solutions. 

Some of the security systems we can install include:

Security Gates – Wooden, Automatic, Metal and Aluminium,
CCTV Systems,
Access Control,
Security Fencing

Security Systems in Berkhamsted

If you are located in the Berkhamsted area and are looking to improve the security system within your home or business, Matrix Fire and Security is the company for you. We supply a wide variety of CCTV set-ups, emergency lighting and intruder alarms.

Matrix Fire and Security offers our customers a wide range of security systems, all of which offer uniquely effective ways of making your home or business as secure as possible. Whether it is being able to spot perpetrators of criminal activity, or acting as a deterrent to prevent the criminal activity from happening in the first place, we have it covered.

CCTV Systems

Over the years, Matrix has been able to supply many homes across Berkhamsted with state of the art CCTV camera systems, ensuring that their property is sufficiently protected. Our CCTV systems are simple to set up and operate, cheap to install and are incredibly effective. 

Setting up a full CCTV camera system around your property will act as a great visual deterrent for potential intruders or vandals. If unwanted guests still try and gain access to your property, the high quality of image that the CCTV cameras can capture will no doubt be very useful in the following investigations.

Access Control Available in Berkhamsted

Many of our customers in Berkhamsted have found out the advantages of utilising access control security systems. Matrix offers discretionary, mandatory and role-based access control, meaning we can supply you with the access control system that suits you the best. 

Some of the access control systems we have available include stand-alone keypads, fob reader units, fully integrated multi-network systems, swipe cards and biometric readers. All of these features can be quickly supplied and fitted by our team of highly skilled workers.

Berkhamsted Security Fencing

Installing security fencing around your property can be one of the most effective ways of making your home or business more secure. Acting as a physical deterrent, a security gate will make it clear to potential trespassers that they should not be approaching your property without given permission.

We have a broad range of security fences for our Berkhamsted customers to be able to choose from. This means that not only can the security fencing protect your property, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing accompanying your home or business as well.

Security Gates 

Whether you wish to purchase a metal, wooden, aluminium, or electric gate, Matrix Fire and Security has you covered. The wide array of security gates that we offer the residents of Berkhamsted means there is plenty of choice for look, design, colour and material.

With all of the security gates being expertly constructed and professionally fitted, you can be sure that once you purchase a security gate with Matrix, your property will be far more secure and a lot safer.

Passive Fire Protection in Berkhamsted

Approaches involving passive fire protection can prevent the spread of fire and so save lives. If a fire does start, it should be mostly controlled in a compartment by passive methods, allowing everybody around to flee the area and depart the building. Not only will this help to prevent loss of lives but also prevent further unnecessary damage to your Berkhamsted home or business.

Passive fire protection techniques, when included into the building, whether that be your Berkhamsted business or home, guarantee that there are safe exits by shielding stairwells and other passageways from advancing fire and smoke. Inhabitants of a property can safely evacuate in the event of a fire by carefully designing physical passive fire protection and putting the right measures in place in key locations.

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