Finding out that your new security or fire system requires maintenance can be unwelcome news, but a well maintained system will prevent the worst from happening.

A factor that is often overlooked when implementing fire and security systems, such as our CCTV or Fire alarm systems, is that these installations will require maintenance in order to function to the best of their ability.
It may cross your mind that taking out a maintenance contract when your system is brand new is a waste of time; that maintenance is reserved for older systems.

This should not be the case, research shows that even brand new, high quality systems do carry a risk of failure.  Frequent maintenance is imperative to keeping your property safe.

Protecting you and your property- Fire alarm maintenance.

The UK Government recommends that all fire alarm systems should be ‘adequately maintained’, however, the fire industry association recommends that basic alarm systems should be tested at least every six months.

For bespoke systems such as those offered by us at Matrix Fire & Security, a more in-depth check will be required. This is to ensure that our specialist systems, such as the multi-zone addressable system, are accurate in their reporting of localised incidents.

Ensuring an effective defence. Security system maintenance

Home security should be kept in good working order to prevent criminals from taking advantage of a neglected security system. For example, CCTV systems that aren’t maintained properly can risk losing recorded information, in the worst case scenario, a camera may lose quality to the point of becoming unusable.

Preventing problems before they occur also has the added benefit of being far cheaper than a complete repair. Having to refit a security or fire system that has gone into a state of disrepair can be a costly and time consuming ordeal. A thorough maintenance schedule is a crucial part of any security plan.

Matrix Fire & Security maintenance plans.

Our fire and security experts don’t just install excellent systems, we also ensure that our customers are protected long-term through our maintenance plans. We offer various maintenance packages for our systems, such as CCTV, fire alarm and access control systems throughout the country.

24/7 call outs are available via three different maintenance packages in areas such as, but not limited to:

Milton Keynes
Gerrard’s Cross
St Albans
Great Missenden

If you want to ensure that your Fire and Security systems continue to serve and protect you for the years to come, please contact us via telephone on 01296 614440 or get in touch with us by filling out our easy to use contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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