You rely on your security equipment all year round, which means you have to look after it all year round. Any sort of electric device that is exposed to the weather should be looked after, and with the cold, wet weather of winter, this is more important than ever.

How Can You Look After Security Equipment in Winter? Read Our 3 Tips!

Winter can bring storms, thunder and lightning, wind and snow – all of which can cause your security equipment to malfunction, cut your power, or break completely. If you have an outdoor security system, whether it’s a security camera, an electric fence or an intruder alarm, they all need looking after in winter to keep them functioning. Continue reading for our advice on how to look after your security equipment in winter.

1. Cover Your Security Equipment

One of the most effective ways to look after your security equipment in winter is to make sure it is covered. You can buy waterproof plastic cases that can be fixed over your equipment that will shield it from rain, snow and wind. This is particularly important for security cameras, access control panels and any motion sensors you may have. Make sure when you cover your security equipment that there is no moisture from rain, frost or snow that can get trapped in your equipment. Wait for a dry day to install your covers if you need to. Always check the covers after a heavy rain to make sure no water has leaked into your equipment.

2. Waterproof Your Cables

The equipment isn’t the only part of your security system that needs protecting from rain. The cables and wires of your security equipment also need to be waterproofed to make sure there is no danger of damaging the equipment or any risk to your health. If your cables are exposed to the elements, the best way to look after your security equipment in winter is to make sure to waterproof around the connection points at the very least. This is the area in which the cables are plugged into the device and where the higher risk is. You can also buy cables that have a special encasement around them and are suitable for use outdoors.

3. Secure Your Equipment

Your equipment is only useful if it is in a secure position. Making sure to secure your security equipment to a solid and safe structure is the only way to look after your security equipment in winter. If the structure of the building you’ve attached your security equipment to isn’t safe, it won’t be functional. Make sure that if you have security equipment attached to your house, your garage, your shed or any other building, that the attachment is solid and the foundations are stable. If you have a security camera attached to a fence, gate or shed that is falling apart, it will only take a gust of heavy wind to make your security system useless. It’ll also end up with you having to pay to replace your damaged security equipment. Making sure to position your security equipment in a suitable location will ensure your equipment can handle extreme weather.

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