With restrictions easing off and more destinations being available to visit, more and more people are looking forward to once again setting off on holiday. Whether you are going abroad or holidaying in the UK, heading off for a few days or a couple of weeks, it is always important to be mindful of your home’s security. Leaving your home for a long period of time gives burglars the ideal time to strike, but there are effective security checks and measures you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the best ways in which you can protect your home while you are away on holiday. Whether it is purchasing some new security equipment or simply asking someone to help out, all of these security methods will help protect your home and your belongings inside.

Check The Locks

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This may seem an obvious one, but it is always worth double-checking that your house is fully locked up. It may be instinctual to make sure the front and back doors are locked up, but what may not be in the forefront of your mind is making sure your windows, gates, shed and garage are all securely locked up. 

Having one of these access points to your home unlocked gives potential burglars the perfect way of entering your home, so it is always worth checking your locks are all working and secure. On the inside of the home, it is also a good idea to lock up your treasured belongings such as jewellery, important documents and spare keys. This means that if someone does break into your home, they will not be able to access the most valuable items that mean the most to you.

Inform A Friend Or Relative

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Perhaps the simplest way of effectively protecting your home is to ask a friend, family member or neighbour to look after your home while you are away. This is possibly preferable to ask a neighbour in this instance, simply because they are going to be close to your home for the most time. Even something as simple as asking your neighbour to be vigilant and keep an eye on any suspicious activity occurring by your home, can be a massive help. You should be sure to let them know when you are leaving and when you are expecting to return.

It is important that you choose someone that you trust, but passing on a key to your home to someone so they can go into your home can be a great deterrent for burglars. This is because it gives the appearance that people are home, because there is activity. If you do not have access to a timer that you can set your house lights to, getting someone to enter your home and turn the lights on or off at suitable times of the day can also be a great way of tricking people into thinking there is someone present in the house. Similarly, getting someone to open and close the curtains at different times of the day can also work effectively in the same way.

CCTV Systems

Image of a CCTV camera

If you have not already acquired a CCTV system to be places around your home, it is definitely worth considering. Not only do CCTV cameras capture footage of anybody who steps foot onto your property, but they can be extremely effective in putting off any potential burglars as a visual deterrent alone. If someone is snooping around and looking for a house to break into, if they see a CCTV camera system set up, your home will be the last one they will think of approaching.

Those of you who have already purchased CCTV cameras to be placed around your home, it is worth going around and checking that they are all positioned correctly and that there is nothing obstructing their view. Not only will this ensure that the cameras will see exactly what they need to, and can be clearly seen, therefore acting as an effective visual deterrent. In comparison to the methods already mentioned, purchasing and setting up CCTV cameras is more expensive, however, knowing just how effective they can be in preventing burglaries, they are more than worth it.

Set Your Alarm

As CCTV cameras work effectively as a deterrent and as a way of identifying any criminals, setting up a security alarm system for your home can be just as effective in protecting your home and valuables. If you want to set off on holiday and have the peace of mind that your home is safe, then purchasing and setting up a security alarm system is the way to go. It has been proven that homes with alarm systems fitted in are far less likely to be burgled. This was reported by Rutgers in its Alarm Systems Are Valuable Crime Fighting Tool article.

Setting up a home alarm system also means that your homeowner insurance will go down, as insurance companies agree that your home is far more protected with the use of an alarm fixture. There are also certain security systems available that provide remote access to your home, meaning that even when you are away on your holiday, you can still view cameras and adjust fittings such as lights. 

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