Now that we’re into December, many of us are focused on getting everything prepared for Christmas day and haven’t given much thought towards protecting our homes. The festive period is not exempt from burglaries, in fact it is quite the opposite! With piles of pricey presents tucked under the tree, the temptation is all too high for ‘Grinch-like criminals’. Don’t fall victim this year; read our tips on home safety tailored to the festive period.


In a world where news, plans and general thoughts are openly broadcast on a daily basis, it is important to keep in mind the safety aspects of public posting. Avoid declaring holiday dates or weekends visiting the family on social media sites, as this is essentially advertising your home to potential burglars. It’s a mistake seen all too often in recent years, and although you may think you are only telling friends, it is usually very easy for people you don’t trust to view your social posts. Similarly, our home safety advice is to keep your calendar out of view – burglars can instantly check when you have an appointment or a long lunch just by peeking through the window.

Gift Packaging

As it’s Christmas time, there are bound to be a few boxes left over after unwrapping expensive gifts like TV’s or games consoles. Discard these boxes sensibly and don’t leave them lying around your premises as an advert for what’s inside your home. Rip them up and make sure they’re a good way down the recycling bin, or, even better, take a trip to the local recycling centre! This is a 15 minute job that could save you a lot of expense.

Store Presents

Everyone likes a beautifully displayed Christmas tree with gifts neatly tucked underneath, but try to keep the gifts hidden until the last minute so that you don’t tempt potential criminals with piles of expensive items. After all, traditionally most presents wouldn’t appear under the tree until Christmas morning!

Don’t Leave Notes

Deliveries are frequent at this time of year as gifts are purchased left, right and centre. Don’t advertise your property as being empty by leaving couriers a note to say you won’t be home and giving direction to a safe storage place. Rather than leaving notes on display, take advantage of the option to provide information for the couriers when you order online. Most websites will now provide this. If they don’t, just drop them an email!


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