If you’re looking at investing in security cameras for your house you may be wondering how effective they are at deterring crime. According to most available studies, the sight of security cameras works to deter burglars from breaking into your home.

How Effective Are Security Cameras?

While some thieves do still break into homes with security cameras, this is usually because they aren’t aware of the presence of the cameras because they have been cleverly placed, or the thief believes the crime is worth the risk of being seen. In these cases, the thief will be caught, but not all burglars are this risky and opportunistic. A calculated burglar will assess the effectiveness of a security system before attempting to burgle a house. This is why security cameras are so effective at deterring crime and theft for your home. Criminals don’t want their image to be captured on video or camera because it makes them easily identifiable to the authorities.

So if CCTV and security cameras are so effective at deterring burglars, why do some thieves still choose to break into homes with security systems installed? As previously stated, some burglars are just risk-takers who will take a chance on your security cameras or CCTV system being a dummy. Other times it is because cameras are placed in areas that aren’t obvious and visible to burglars. This is why placing your security cameras in the right areas is so important. While it may be satisfying to catch out whoever attempts to steal from you, not being stolen from in the first place is better. Getting a professional security camera installation from a reliable security company is recommended for getting the most out of your security cameras, as they will know all of the best places to deter burglars.

How To Get The Best From Security Cameras

There are some simple and easy things you can do, however, to make sure your CCTV system is as effective as possible without the need of professionals. Making sure your security camera has push notifications enabled and checking to make sure the set up of motion detection recording is correct are the first steps to making sure your security cameras work to your advantage. Adjusting motion sensitivity and making sure the main entrances of your home are covered is another important factor. Having a properly set up security system ensures you will deter or capture any burglars who attempt to break into your home.

If you’re still not sure if getting a security system installed is the right choice, look at the statistics. According to the London Metropolitan Police, they were able to identify almost 5,000 burglary suspects thanks to security camera footage provided by homeowners. There can be no doubt that security cameras play an extremely important part in not only deterring crime but also catching burglars.

What Options Are Available To Me?

CCTV systems can come as one single camera or a multi-level system; they’re becoming more and more popular as a professional security system for the home. They’re also a very cost-effective system to get installed at your property, and you can either buy the systems or have them on a lease plan.


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