Your home provides comfort and safety for your family and protects your hard earned assets, so it’s important not to risk your home security with the habits listed below by Matrix Fire and Security.

Unlocked Entry Points

Whether you’re nipping to the local shop or chatting to a neighbour nearby, leaving a door unlocked is ideal for opportunist criminals who will seize any opportunity to gain quick and easy access to your home. Although it may seem a chore at the time, locking your garden gate, garage, and shed could save you a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run.

Leaving Keys in the Lock

Although this seems like an obvious tip, many homeowners continue to leave the key to a door in the interior lock, or in view in general. By advertising your keys, potential intruders can easily get of these by going through a letterbox or breaking the glass panels on a door.

Neglecting the Alarm

If you have a security alarm installed in your home, be sure to use it whenever you leave the premises or go to bed at night. An alarm is effective in deterring criminals and will give you peace of mind .

Open Windows

In summer months, it is common for homeowners to leave windows ajar for fresh air or to let the heat out. If you leave the house, remember to always shut your windows securely, as an open window is an ideal point of entry for intruders. Windows above the ground floor are not exempt from this, with nearby fences or ladders providing easy access.


By avoiding these bad habits in your daily routine, you can improve your home security and ensure that your home insurance is valid at all times. If you would like to talk to the team about improving your security systems, please contact Matrix Fire and Security today on 01296 614440.

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