If you are a homeowner in Milton Keynes and are planning to install a DIY security system, it’s important that you first understand the potential problems that could arise. To minimise the risk of faults, legal issues or security, why not have a professional team on hand to carry out the task? Matrix Fire and Security have many years of experience in installing CCTV systems and have outlined the importance of a professional service below.

Laws and Regulations

In recent years, countless homeowners have opted to install DIY CCTV systems in their Milton Keynes homes, but an insufficiently installed system provides opportunities for potential criminals, who can often spot the difference between a DIY installation and a professional one. Not only this, but a poorly installed CCTV camera facing into a neighbours garden could be breaking the law. With a professional team who have plenty of experience, these situations can be avoided.

Picture Quality

A few tweaks from a professional installer could determine a prosecution. In today’s world, clarity is vital and the last thing you want to end up with is useless footage that won’t hold in court because the blurred content can’t identify a suspect.

Harder for Hackers

Most CCTV systems these days come with the added benefit of remote monitoring, meaning that you can access the system from a mobile device or laptop once connected to wifi. Because of this, the systems can be an easy target for hackers. With a professional fitting, security is tighter thanks to locking codes, firewalls and various passwords that can be set up on installation.

Time and Ease

For someone who hasn’t installed any CCTV systems before, the task can seem complex and potentially time consuming. With a professional team your system can be efficiently installed with ease, providing support for any concerns you may have in the future.

CCTV Systems in Milton Keynes

Matrix Fire and Security believe that CCTV systems should always be installed professionally, and if you would like to make use of these services in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas, please get in touch with the team today through our contact form.

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