A picture of a fingerprint access with word security

What Different Types of Security Are There?

Whether you’re looking to protect a residential or commercial property, it can be difficult to decide what system would be the best solution to suit your needs and budget. There’s so many different types of security systems available nowadays, both internal and external, and they all provide different levels of security for your property. From internal security such as alarms and CCTV to external security like security fencing and automatic gates, below, we’ve outlined some of the different types of security that are available to protect you and your property.

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A picture of a water and a CO2 fire extinguisher

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Is Best for Your Property?

The type of fire that is likely to occur in a property will determine the type of fire extinguisher you need to have. There are different classes of fire and extinguishers are designed differently for each class; you may need more than one type of extinguisher in your property. Fires are categorised, in classes A to F, by the materials that cause them. Both are listed below:

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A picture of a CCTV camera in a building

Professional Security Systems for Your Business

Your employees’ safety should always be a priority in your business. Although you can put health and safety regulations in place for their safety, that does not protect them or your business from intruders. Intruders can affect the security of both your employees and your business; to prevent the risk of intruders, we recommend getting a professional security system installed. Below we’ve outlined the most common security systems people choose for their business.

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an image of a fire exit in an office as fire prevention

Fire Prevention in the Workplace

When running a business, it is crucial that your building complies with legal regulations, not only to ensure the safety of your employees, but also the protection of your building and the assets within it. The safety and fire prevention of your business should be of paramount importance, regardless of the industry you work in, the scale of your company, or the number of people within it. Matrix Fire and Security have outlined key ways in which you can improve the fire prevention in your workplace.

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a spring home with flowers and shrubs to improve home security

Improve Your Home Security This Spring

Spring has sprung, the air is warmer and the days are longer. The great British Summer is only a few months away and moods are on the rise following the February blues. With the nation itching to spend more time outside, Spring time brings an increased crime rate, and leaves 56% of Brits victims of break-ins in their home or local area. Matrix Fire and Security have outlined simple ways that you can enjoy the glorious months of the year without compromising your home security.

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