When it comes to your business’s building security, especially in the Covid world we currently live in, you need to take your access control seriously. By not investing in access control, or choosing the wrong equipment can prove expensive.


How can you future-proof your business’s access control?

Here is our five-step approach to choosing the right access control solution for your business to make sure it’s future-proofed.


1) Extend Your Existing System

Do you need to buy a brand new system, or can you just upgrade your existing one instead? Yes, security systems change over time. But, some systems allow you to integrate the old with the new, meaning that you can extend your existing reach and/ or capabilities.

This method can work as a good future investment as well as save you money. By upgrading and investing in add-ons, this can also save time as it ensures a seamless integration.


2) Take A Look At The Structure Of Your Site

What does the structure of your site look like? When future-proofing the access control for your building, take a look at the different doors around. Make a note of which doors and access points have the most traffic vs. ones with the least amount. This will allow you to build up a better idea of what type of lock and security is needed. 


3) Vary Site Access Levels Depending on Role

Many companies vary the different access levels depending on whether the user is permanent staff, a short-term contractor or a visitor. When future-proofing your access control system, this flexibility is essential. 

Typically, different levels of access are stored on different credential cards or fobs, or via programmable, battery-powered keys. For further future-proof, your access control could move to a mobile system for convenience. 

This would require the user to download an app on their smartphone, turning it into a virtual key. This type of access is intuitive and flexible. It can also save wasted journeys to and from a base to collect or return keys!


4) Improve Workflow Efficiency With A Single System

Whilst having different wireless systems around your building is effective; you can have different locks for cabinets, machines, lifts, outdoor access points and more. However, from a facilities management perspective, there are more efficient ways to improve the workflow, particularly from monitoring all the access points that aren’t doors (e.g. lockers, lifts, storage cupboards, etc). 

From a user perspective, having access to everything via one credential is incredibly convenient. 


5) Real-Time Access Control Functionality

An online access control system enables you to manage and amend door security at any time, from anywhere. By having the ability to monitor your access control remotely, this means you can revoke or grant access rights at any time, which is critical in an emergency situation. 

Wireless access control offers a key mix of components that are essential to future-proofing your access control system. From a better security solution, greater flexibility, meeting compliance, easy installation to cost-efficiency and seamless integration. 


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