Santa Claus is coming to town, and unfortunately the burglars are too! Christmas brings families and friends together to celebrate one of the happiest times of the year. However, there are still the odd few out there who have no guilt in ruining some of the happiness, and these people are burglars. Christmas is the peak time for home break-ins, but luckily for you the team at Matrix Fire & Security Ltd have come up with our top 5 Christmas safety tips to keep your home secure this festive period.

Turn the Lights Off

A picture of Christmas lights and a Christmas tree

Our first Christmas safety tip is for security and fire safety. If you’re leaving the house unattended or going to bed, turn off your main house lights and your Christmas lights, particularly in rooms that may have presents in. Leaving the lights on, especially Christmas lights, can be a fire hazard if they begin to overheat; if presents are in the room, you’re also highlighting them to burglars. Some would suggest leaving a light on in a room when you go out to make it appear as though somebody is in; if you prefer to do this, get a timer on your lights and only put on a light in a room that won’t be highlighting all of your gifts.

Don’t Go Big On Social Media

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We know how enjoyable it can be to share all of your fun Christmas plans and show off new gifts to your friends and family on social media. However, you’re openly advertising to potential burglars when you’re not going to be at home and all of the nice new things they can try and get their hands on. Keep all the socialising to real life during the festive period and, if you are going to be out of the house, let your neighbours know.

Deck The Halls … With Alarms And CCTV

A picture of CCTV cameras

Do you already have an alarm system in your home? Make sure it’s activated during the Christmas period, particularly if you’re going to be out of the house. If you don’t have a security system installed already, for your Christmas safety it’s definitely worth looking into getting one; they’re particularly great if you’re going to be away a lot. CCTV cameras and alarm systems are both very common types of security used in domestic properties.

Lock Up

A picture of keys

Our final Christmas safety tip is to lock up! We don’t just mean your doors and windows, lock up your valuables and any gifts so that they’re out of sight from burglars and not really easy to access. If you have a safe, lock up any valuables in it such as jewellery and money.

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