What is a smart house? Smartphone enabled control of your environment.

What is a Smart House? The Future of Security for our Homes

As technology continues to dominate our homes, new devices have become available to better the control of our environments. But, what is a smart house, and what does it mean for the future of safety for our homes?

What is a smart house? You’ve probably heard the term, and you might already have some smart devices at home, but what are the real benefits? A smart house is one installed with devices that allow you to control anything from the temperature of your rooms to the temperature of your morning coffee.

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A picture of a locked briefcase - Corporate Security

Why Is Corporate Security So Important?

Corporate security is extremely important for a number of reasons. Businesses have various areas that they need to protect, from their employees to their online files. However, there’s still many that don’t have a system in place to enhance security. Below, we’ve shared a few of the top reasons why corporate security is so important, as well as a few of the most common security systems.

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A picture of footprints in sand

Home Security Tips for When You Go on Holiday

Everyone’s starting to get the flip flops and beach towels out because holiday season is well and truly upon us! We hit May and suddenly everyone’s started hopping on a plane and jetting off to sunny destinations. Have you got a holiday coming up but worried that your home might not be safe whilst you’re away? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve shared our top home security tips for when you’re touristing abroad.

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