A picture of a water and a CO2 fire extinguisher

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Is Best for Your Property?

The type of fire that is likely to occur in a property will determine the type of fire extinguisher you need to have. There are different classes of fire and extinguishers are designed differently for each class; you may need more than one type of extinguisher in your property. Fires are categorised, in classes A to F, by the materials that cause them. Both are listed below:

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A picture of a CCTV camera in a building

Professional Security Systems for Your Business

Your employees’ safety should always be a priority in your business. Although you can put health and safety regulations in place for their safety, that does not protect them or your business from intruders. Intruders can affect the security of both your employees and your business; to prevent the risk of intruders, we recommend getting a professional security system installed. Below we’ve outlined the most common security systems people choose for their business.

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