a spring home with flowers and shrubs to improve home security

Improve Your Home Security This Spring

Spring has sprung, the air is warmer and the days are longer. The great British Summer is only a few months away and moods are on the rise following the February blues. With the nation itching to spend more time outside, Spring time brings an increased crime rate, and leaves 56% of Brits victims of break-ins in their home or local area. Matrix Fire and Security have outlined simple ways that you can enjoy the glorious months of the year without compromising your home security.

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an image of cctv systems installed on wall with blue sky

CCTV Systems: The Importance of Professional Installation

If you are a homeowner in Milton Keynes and are planning to install a DIY security system, it’s important that you first understand the potential problems that could arise. To minimise the risk of faults, legal issues or security, why not have a professional team on hand to carry out the task? Matrix Fire and Security have many years of experience in installing CCTV systems and have outlined the importance of a professional service below. Continue reading