Whether you’re looking to protect a residential or commercial property, it can be difficult to decide what system would be the best solution to suit your needs and budget. There’s so many different types of security systems available nowadays, both internal and external, and they all provide different levels of security for your property. From internal security such as alarms and CCTV to external security like security fencing and automatic gates, below, we’ve outlined some of the different types of security that are available to protect you and your property.

Internal Security

CCTV Systems

A picture of a CCTV camera

One of the most common types of security for both residential and commercial properties is CCTV systems. CCTV is a great solution for monitoring activity in different areas of a building; it can also be used outside, so you can monitor activity inside and outside all in one place. It also acts as a visual deterrent to intruders, instantly discouraging them from trying to access your property. CCTV systems can also be a fairly low-cost solution; lease plans can be as little as £1.70 a day.

Intruder Alarms

A picture of an intruder alarm

In addition to CCTV, intruder alarms are also very common in residential and commercial properties. When activated, the alarms give off an audible sign that there is an intruder or suspicious activity in the building. Many intruder alarms also come with security lighting which will activate when motion is sensed. More often than not, when the alarms are activated it will scare off intruders instantly. The audible sign will also alert your neighbours of intruders and therefore they will know to ring the police and contact you to report the incident if you are not in.

Access Control Systems

A picture of a fingerprint access control system

Access control systems are becoming a more popular choice out of the different types of security. Fingerprint access is becoming particularly popular for security in business as it is a great way to prevent unwanted access into areas of a building as only people with a registered fingerprint are able to access. Similarly, the use of keyfobs and swipe cards are also popular for access control systems. Control panels are often used for residential security; these work by entering a code when you enter the building to de-activate an alarm system. It is also now possible to get access control systems which are controlled from your mobile, making it virtually impossible for an intruder to break.


A picture of turnstiles

Turnstiles are another system businesses tend to opt for out of the types of security available. They are often used in businesses to control access to the building or to certain areas. The most common way people can go through turnstiles is by using a card or keyfob that they swipe or insert. However, people can also be given access through the turnstile by reception pressing a button to allow them through. The best solution for you will depend on the size of your business; cards are great if you have lots of people going in and out throughout the day.

External Security

Security Fencing

A picture chain link security fencing

Security fencing is one of the most common types of security for the outside of your property. There are different types of security fencing, all with different aesthetics and levels of security; you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs and budget. Paladin fencing is a popular choice for security fencing that has a nice appearance and provides an excellent level of security. The apertures in paladin fencing are too small for an average shoe size to fit, preventing intruders from climbing the fence. For a relatively inexpensive security fencing choice, chain link fencing is very popular; it’s a simple fencing choice that still offers great protection for your property. Another common choice is expanded metal fencing which has a unique shape, making it difficult for intruders to scale.

Electric Automatic Gates

A picture of automatic gates

One of the most common types of security for residential properties is electric automatic gates. These can come in various sizes and styles to suit the aesthetic of your property. Automatic gates can be opened by the use of a keyfob or control panel. Again, these are great for preventing unwanted access to your property as only people who have a keyfob or know the code are able to open the gates.

Perimeter Security

A picture of hidden security sensors image

There are many different types of perimeter security available and it can be a very effective solution for your property’s security. One type of perimeter security is buried sensors; these generate a radar detection field which cannot be seen and, once activated, will set off an alarm to alert of intruders. Another system is terrain following and volumetric sensors; this creates an electromagnetic detection zone along a path of cables, which again, can not be seen, and when change is sensed and the wires are penetrated the system will activate. Fence and wall mounted sensors are another, more common, type of perimeter security. These sensors are created to detect any cutting, climbing, or lifting of fabric of a fence or wall.

Parking Equipment

A picture of a parking bollard

Parking equipment does not always come to mind when thinking about different types of security. However, they can be really effective in protecting a property as they can restrict access from unwanted vehicles. Automatic rising bollards are commonly used to prevent unwanted access to particular areas; these can be controlled by methods such as push buttons, keypads, and card readers. When you don’t want people to gain access, activate the rising bollards so that vehicles can not get through. Automatic rising bollards can also come with a siren detector for emergencies. Raise arm barriers are also often used as an effective method to control parking and access to areas.

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