When running a business, it is crucial that your building complies with legal regulations, not only to ensure the safety of your employees, but also the protection of your building and the assets within it. The safety and fire prevention of your business should be of paramount importance, regardless of the industry you work in, the scale of your company, or the number of people within it. Matrix Fire and Security have outlined key ways in which you can improve the fire prevention in your workplace.

Turn off all electrical appliances at the end of each day

Electrical appliances are known to overheat, especially under pressure or overheating. When your appliances have been running all day, they are working hard and need some time to cool off before the start of each day. As home time approaches, remember to turn off all electrical appliances before leaving to avoid an overnight fire breakout.

Avoid an overload

Electrical circuits will have a recommended maximum wattage, so it’s important not to overstuff them and put extra pressure on the electrical system or fuse. When using extension leads, don’t be tempted to use all the plugs just because they are available. Be sure to check whether the socket can handle it first.

Report faults

Fire prevention is often an afterthought, and one of the major causes of workplace fires is the neglecting of electrical faults. Ensure everyone in the team is vigilant with their appliances and makes regular checks to cables, plugs, sockets and connectors. Any damage should be inspected and replaced immediately if necessary.

Tidy up your surroundings

Free up desk and office space of any clutter. This is potentially flammable material that could spread an initial spark in seconds.

Use designated smoking areas

Smoke in areas that have been designated as they have minimal risks of flammable materials. Also, ensure that used cigarettes are properly extinguished and disposed of safely.

Treat chemicals as hazardous

Ensure chemical materials are handled and stored properly with accurate labels and secure containers.

Install fire extinguishers

It is vital that your workplace has the appropriate fire extinguishers for the industry and size of the company, and make sure that all members staff know how to accurately and safely use them in times of emergency action.

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