Spring has sprung, the air is warmer and the days are longer. The great British Summer is only a few months away and moods are on the rise following the February blues. With the nation itching to spend more time outside, Spring time brings an increased crime rate, and leaves 56% of Brits victims of break-ins in their home or local area. Matrix Fire and Security have outlined simple ways that you can enjoy the glorious months of the year without compromising your home security.

Secure Windows

As the warmer weather draws in, the temptation to aerate your property grows stronger. While it is a good idea to allow the fresh air into your home, it’s very important that this is done without putting your home at risk of intrusion. Don’t leave any open windows unattended, particularly at ground floor level where a burglar will only need a few seconds to enter your home and exit with your possessions.

Lock Doors

When the British weather picks up and the sun is shining, we love nothing more than a garden barbecue or a relaxing evening outside reading a book. For many homeowners, being in the garden doesn’t seem very far from the front door, so why bother locking it? An intruder only needs a few seconds to gain entry through an unlocked door, grab an iPad or some car keys, and be away again without raising any concern for the occupants. Take a few moments to check your doors are locked before planting yourself in the garden, whether you intend to be there for half an hour or the whole day.

Pick your Plants

When choosing your home foliage, consider selecting plants with thorns and prickly leaves to boost your home security. If an intruder has to clamber through painful plants to gain access to your home, they may think again. Discuss the options you have with a local Milton Keynes garden centre. For example, the Common Hawthorn is a fast growing thorny hedge with white Spring flowers and red Autumn berries. Just bear in mind that overgrown foliage can provide cover for intruders, so ensure that your shrubs are regularly maintained and pruned.

Don’t Be Complacent

In Spring, moods are up and a care free attitude can take over. Be vigilant with your home security, remembering to store belongings correctly, such as bikes which often get used on the Milton Keynes redway system throughout Spring, and then get left in sight. Remember that simple tasks such as mowing the lawn or strimming the borders make continuous noise which can provide cover for intruders who no longer need to remain silent when breaking in. When using loud tools, double check that your windows, doors and gates are all secure.

Home Security in Milton Keynes

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